Top 5: Best Phone Camera Lens 2022

1. Xenvo – Pro lens kit for iPhone and Android, Xenvo complemented the market of smartphone camera lenses with another decent pack in addition to a high grade lens. The kit comprises a clip on LED light in a convenient place for transportation which is invaluable help if you want to take incredible images were being on a trip the dura case can fit and protect your lenses for Smartphone while the quick release lanyard allow you to access any necessary items in a matter of seconds, thus you can easily attractive lens and mounting on a phone to get really interesting moments. Camera lens package is that it features the glow clipped LED lights that can attached to anywhere on your phone, thus producing even warm lighting in such a way your chances to take a properly lit shot increase it was very smart and developers to include additional rights in the kit, since the embedded smartphone flash gives a can of blinding in a unnatural lighting. Xenvo Pro Lens kit offers clever 2 in 1 versatility and solid image quality for the price and remains among the most conversions as such.

2. Criacr phone camera lens

Criacr phone camera lens 0,4x wide angle lens included emir 3 in 1 camera lens kit is a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens and micro lens. The lenses mount your phone via clip with screw on mount, so emir 3 in 1 Lens kit is compatible with almost all iPhones, iPads and android Smartphone, and the tablet cameras. The emir 0 for X wide angle lens captures images at a wide 140 degrees angle. The wide angle lens is especially useful when taking pictures of expansive landscapes or large group of people. The fisheye lens offer is 180 degree angle capturing produces sphere-shaped images with dramatic dark corners but it requires it to be attached to the Macro lens when in use, while the Macro lens can be unscrewed and used separately produce stunning details featuring 10x magnification with fixed focal length glass. The clip of emir 3 in 1 Lens kit has a tight rubberized grip which prevents it from falling off and protect your phone screen from scratches. Clip on lenses are also convenient because they can be used on most of the phones and unusually thick, you don’t have to take off your phone case.

3. Apexel phone camera lens-

Apexel phone camera lens kit comes with 10 pieces of different functional lenses to suit your photography needs, this kit also consists of 198 degree fisheye lens, Wide Angle lens, 2x telephoto lens, 15x macro lens and Kaleidoscope lens compatible with most of the smartphone, Universal clip-on design allows you to install the lens easily, kit also comes along with star radial CTL and flow filters for experimental furthermore the CPL filter effectively removes the reflected light while maintaining the accurate colors of the images with the help of included Bluetooth wireless remote shutter, you can control the shooting wirelessly, the lenses also come with the construction of lightweight and premium quality aluminium material, furthermore the optical lens offers exceptional clarity to your every photograph. The velvet carrying case with drawstring keeps your lenses safe and scratch proof during transportation to Universal design allows you clip on most of the smartphone devices.

4. Keywing phone camera lens

Keywing makes one of the most complete lens kit for smartphones, making it an amazing versatile option for more photographers. The set of lenses includes 0-36X super Wide Angle 0.63 X Wide Angle, 15x macro, 20x macro, Telephoto 198 degree fisheye CPL and a kaleidoscope lens. There is also a starburst lens which can make it look like stars, the price is very enticing too especially for such a complete package. You have a camera capable of capturing the most critical moment in a crisp clear and precise manner, Keywing iPhone lens give the wide-angle images, Telephoto zoom lens a fisheye lens, a CPL filter lens, a fisheye lens and a kaleidoscope lens, with the Traveling design case you will find it convenient to carry a long while traveling on capturing your favorite moments. The camera lens is made using five layers of cinema grade glass as a result you will enjoy large glass optics which would create sharp images with minimal distractions with this lens you no longer have to use heavy SLR lens and you can get the same quality as SLR with little distortion. The lens also convenient and comfortable making it ideal for carrying on.


The universal camera lens kit comes with 9 pieces of functional and different lenses that will suit all photography needs unlike other cheap phone lens kits in the market. This one is designed with industrial grade aluminium and optic lens that enable you to capture pictures with amazing detail and clarity. While being confident that they will last, these 9pcs phone camera lens has 0.36 X and 0.63 X Wide Angle lens, 20x macro lens, 198 degree fisheye lens, 2x telephoto lens, starburst lens and polarized lens. The fisheye lens helps you to create funny circular pictures. While the wide angle lens enables you to capture larger scenes such a group shot and city scenes, moreover this is a perfect lens kit for Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, iPads and more

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