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Alex and Franky, twin brothers born on July 16, 2001 in Florida, United States, form the duo known as Island Brother. We are sharing details of Island Boys Net worth, Biography, Personal life, Career …

Full NameAlex and Franky Venegas
Date of Birth July 16, 2001
Birth PlaceFlorida, United States
Net Worth$600 thousand

Island Boys Personal life

When they were quite young, the twin brothers lost their father to a heart attack. Some fans may be dismayed to see that the Island Boys have shorn off their trademark hairstyle. The pair became well-known after their viral song “The Island Boys” and their outlandish appearances spread online. The twins are distinguished by their distinctive hairstyles, as Alex’s hair is yellow and Franky’s is brown with blond highlights.

In contrast, their mother stated in one of their YouTube videos that the twins were born in the United States. The video also revealed that their parents are from Cuba. When the twins were quite young, their father passed away from a heart attack.

Island Boys Professional life

They first debuted as a band in 2020, when they were only 21 years old. Franky pioneered the group’s interest in music. Under the alias redd 4x, he dropped a few singles, including Real Right, 9ine, and Smoke.

The fraternal twins were able to quickly ascend the TikTok ranks due to their eccentric style and exaggerated personas. Franky, professionally known as Kodiyakredd, has 3.4 million followers on the video-sharing app, while Alex, professionally known as Flyysoulja, has 6.1 million.

For several years, the Venegas brothers have been working their way up the TikTok ranks. At this point, each of their accounts has accumulated several hundred videos. In 2021, however, the brothers’ first single, “I’m An Island Boy,” was released and quickly became their biggest hit. The brothers rap about their “Island Boy” living in this cover of the viral TikTok video that propelled them to fame. The video features them with scantily clad women and flashy automobiles.

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Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth – In order to cash in on their notoriety, the Island Boys teamed up with Cameo and other mass merchandisers. The cost of a custom video from the duo is $170. The combined wealth of the Island Boys is projected to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $600,000 in the year 2022. The twins’ YouTube channel has over 8 million views and 28.4k subscribers; this could be a significant source of income in addition to TikTok. T-shirts and sweatshirts can be purchased for $25.99 and $45.99, respectively, from their online store, which can be accessed through Kodiyakredd’s LinkTree page.

Island Boys Controversies

Over the past two years, the Island lads have been involved in a number of scandals. As one of the boys’ ex-girlfriends, Montisha, has accused him of domestic violence, another close friend has been arrested on murder charges.

The twins had another run-in with the law in February of this year. At first, a SWAT team searched their house after hearing rumors that an 8 year old girl had been shot nearby. Andrew James Thomas, the main suspect, was actually someone they knew and trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Island Boys net worth?

Island Boys net worth is estimated to be around $600 thousand.

What is the boys annual income?

In 2022, they’ll be making $50,000 a year. They rely heavily on the revenue generated from their 29.2k subscriber strong and 9 million view YouTube channel, which is supported by TikTok and sponsored content.

How old are Island Brothers?

Island Brother is a duo of twin brothers Alex and Franky born on 16th July 20 and is currently 20 years old.

How did the Island Boys become so well-known?

The fraternal twins were able to quickly ascend the TikTok ranks due to their eccentric style and exaggerated personas.

How much do the Island Boys make?

Twin brothers Franky and Alex Venegas from the United States became known as Island Boys when their song “Island Boys” became viral on TikTok in 2021. According to experts, Island Boys have a net worth of about $2.9 million. In other words, the twins have made it big on the video sharing platform TikTok. 

How did Island Boys get so rich?

By creating profiles on TikTok, YouTube, and Cameo, the Island Boys were able to capitalise on their sudden celebrity and earn millions. They made a lot of money off of their fans because to these three avenues of profit.

Why did the Island Boys go to jail?

First-degree murder, firearm possession, and probation violations from a robbery case are Thomas’ charges. According to reports, Ronziyah ‘Ziyah’ Atkins, 8, was the intended target of the murder case against him. On the evening of February 4, Ziyah was shot while playing in the front yard of her house. 

Are the Island Boys tattoos real?

Body Art: The Island Boys Alex’s forehead is inscribed with the number 17, and he also has writings there. On the other hand, Franky’s forehead is adorned with an eagle. Franky claimed in an interview that he gave his first tattoo at the age of 12. 

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