5 Cool car accessories that Are Worth Buying

Here’s the latest set of gadgets for your car, today you’re going to see a lot of cool car accessories stuff that’ll improve your safety cleaning skills and take care of your health.

HEADLIGHT RESTORE KIT – Cool car accessories

Get crystal clear headlight lenses in just seconds. When you treat and restore your headlight lenses with Wipe New Headlight Restore, your headlights will be guaranteed to pass inspection for the life of your vehicle. Dirty headlight lenses make your car look untidy and also affect visibility, so check out this headlight restoring kit that brings you all the needed tools to achieve a clean and shiny look. The whole process is fairly simple and should take about 15 minutes for both headlights. There are four steps to make, first you’ll need the included microfiber rag and some clean water to remove the first layer of dirt. Then use the two-sided sanding pad start with the 2000 grit side to get rid of heavy contaminants, then just finish the polishing with the 3000 grit side. Wipe foggy headlights clear in just seconds with Wipe New Headlight Restore and allow our proprietary formula and application procedure to remove oxidation from your headlight lenses and protects them for years.

YAMIKA ROADSHOWER – Cool car accessories

The Road Shower gadget is re-pressurized with a hand or electric air pump, and the stock unit includes a flexible hose with a spray nozzle and brass water fittings. This portable shower was planned by experts from the US, their improvement includes a licensed plan that consolidates minimization and multi-usefulness. There are different models to choose from the most compact one holds four gallons and weighs 53 pounds when full two holes are provided for draining and pumping water and a built-in automatic valve lets you release excess pressure. It comes with 55 and 81 inch hoses, so it’s convenient not only to shower but also to rinse fishing rods bicycles and other items and the universal stainless steel mount ensures a secure fixation and is compatible with most roof racks. The Road Shower is available in two sizes, the Small 15 Liters and Medium 26 Liters in EU and UK, and will be available in Australia and New Zealand in early 2022.


CAR TRASH CAN – Cool car accessories

Tidy up wrappers and other garbage with this large car trash bin. Keep your floor clear of trash, create extra storage, and organize small items in convenient pockets on this cute auto garbage bag. Keep your car mess free with this extra-large trash can that easily holds up to 2.5 gallons of waste, made of ultra-durable Oxford fabric this waistband can last for a lifetime. It’s also possible to dispose of liquid waste cans, moreover an easy flip lid lets you quickly open it and store your trash. This car garbage can is ideal for road trips or long commutes to and from work. Our trash bin features extra mesh pockets on the sides and a large front zipper pocket for useful travel storage. For men, women, and children.

CAR STICKETS EQUIALIZER – Cool car accessories

As smart as it can dance to music: It has a built in graphic equalizer, which are moving according to the background sound (similar to a normal equalizer). Different music or sound volume will activate a different equalizer panel, so you can adjust its sensitivity to pick up different dancing sticker. The colorful sticker will provide your music with an appropriate light show and follow the beats of the song, with a ton of built-in LED it works as a bright and vibrant equalizer. The adhesive tape is a helping hand to attach the sticker to your car window easily, overall the installation will take a few minutes. You don’t sacrifice any space since the sticker is just .04 inches thick, as for the width and color there are several options to choose from now you can throw a party right in your car.


Slime’s Pro-Series Flat Tire Repair Kit repairs your emergency flat tire with the push of a button, in just 6 fast minutes! Stop struggling with a spare tire, or waiting for roadside assistance. With this repair kit you won’t have to bother with a spare tire or wait for help on the road, according to the manufacturer all you have to do is connect it to the wheel press the button and wait for about six minutes. The kit contains not only a powerful pump but also about 15 ounces of special sealant, it can quickly seal punctures up to a quarter of an inch is non-toxic and doesn’t corrode tires or rims, for convenience it is enclosed in a removable cartridge. The pump is equipped with the inflating right technology, so it will automatically shut off when the specified pressure is reached. There is also a digital pressure gauge and the built-in 350 lumen flashlight makes it even more convenient.  

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