Actor Uorfi Javed responds to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet on the uniform civil code.

Actress Kangana Ranaut and actor/influencer Uorfi Javed got into a heated Twitter exchange after both of them made comments about the Shah Rukh Khan flick Pathaan.

Kangana Ranaut’s “Hindu Muslims love SRK equally” and “India is highly secular” comment on Shah Rukh Khan’s appreciation post began it all.

Before, she had said that the show’s success may be attributed to the country’s inherent favouritism toward the Khans and Muslim actors. Uorfi Javed, responding to the same tweet, argued that religious differences should not be used to categories works of art.

Uorfi Javed replied to the ‘Manikarnika’ star’s tweet from two days ago: “Oh, my goodness! We don’t understand this partitioning into Muslim and Hindu performers. Art transcends all ideological boundaries. Actors are the only people in this world.”

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