5 Most Realistic Humanoid Robots in The World

Humanoid Robots – It’s very much simple to consider robots a distant expectation. Regardless of over 100 years of books, movies, and Programs portraying mechanical machines aiding or hunting humankind, we’re customized to consider robots something modern, something perpetually far off. Nothing could be further from reality in the beyond twenty years of headway in machine Knowledge and Mechanical technology have fostered a developing gathering of terrifying. Robots have been around for a long time. From the primary modern robots, to the principal humanoid robots, to robots that can do an ideal reverse somersault; we’re constantly flabbergasted by how these machines can duplicate human activities. Some of them are stunningly better than us! In this video, we list the main 5 humanoid robots at any point assembled.

Geminoid DK humanoid robot

The key to humanoid robot is the humanoid part, they need to look, sound and act like us. Geminoid DK, a humanoid robot developed at Aalborg University, Denmark. Designed to replicate the  movements and facial expressions in a life like manner, you would be forgiven for mistaking Geminoid DK for real person, In fact robot was modelled on professor Henrick Scharfe. Alongside team of Japanese researchers, they build the head and body to replicate Scharfe’s is much as possible. The professor even donated some of his own hair for the robots wig. The result is a level of accuracy on unparalleled in previous humanoid robots, frighteningly so. As an assistant of Scharfe’s commented “when we saw it we can’t stop staring at it, it took few days for us to get used to it.

Yet beneath Geminoid silicon skin, its 100% machine. Through external cameras and microphones positioned around the robot Geminoid perceives the world. Although strictly speaking Geminoid isn’t the one perceiving the world, rather Scharfe controls the robot from a distance like telepresence. Geminoid DK has five levels of function, sleeping, online, idle lip, synchronisation and face synchronisation. It is more human like than the one before, using a complex array of Pneumatic actuators in the eyes, forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks.  Scharfe controls the robots complete facial structure, its remarkable achievement bridging the uncanny Valley like never before.

Nadine the social robot

Continuing the theme of robotic professors meet Nadine, modeled on professors Nadia Magnenat Thalmann. Nadine isn’t merely a mechanical machine, she is a socially intelligent robot capable of greeting you, enjoying a conversation and remembering it going forwards. So, she will be able to pick up your conversation where you left off, she can answer questions in several languages and simulate a certain amount of emotion. Even more impressive, Nadine interacted with more than one hundred thousand visitors at the art-science museum in Singapore, the exhibition titled “Human+ the future of our species”, was only the beginning. Since Nadine has met with leading people from Deutsche Bank to the prime minister of India, his Excellency Narendra Modi. Today she is working from 9 to 5 as a customer service agent at AIA Singapore, ask her any question you would typically ask a customer service agent and she will handle it. Regardless of whether you are speaking English, German, Hindi or Japanese. The secret to Nadine’s success is her program personality, it’s odd to talk of robot with the personality. After all, isn’t it all gears and circuitry? Yet Nadine’s demeanor changes based on the conversation and utilizing a total of 27 degrees of freedom in facial and upper body movements with such social flexibility. Nadine is paying the way for social robots to assist in helping people with special needs navigate the world. Indeed Thalmann predicts the robots day be companion for people living with dementia. As countries worldwide face challenges of an aging population, social robots can be once solution to address the shrinking workforce become personal companions for children and the elderly at home and even serve as platform for health care services in future. We rarely consider robot as anything more than cold and calculating, perhaps it’s time we did.

Atlas humanoid robots

Atlas is perhaps the most famous robot in the world. After its creator, Boston Dynamics released the video “Do you love me” in which Atlas dances back flips and more. Its fame has skyrocketed, with many struggling to believe, it was even real. Atlas is more than real, it’s one of the most advanced humanoid robots in existence. Though it won’t remember your name like Nadine. Atlas is disconcertingly agile and adapt. His unveiling in 2013 was enough for Gary Bradski, a specialist in artificial intelligence, to declare “a new species robot sapiens emerging.” Using 28 hydraulically actuated degrees of freedom, Atlas achieves Precision movement.

It can run, jump, flip, halt and more, reaching top speed of 2.5 M per second. In the 2015 DARPA robotics competition, Atlas completed all eight task, including climbing an industrial ladder and traversing industrial walkway and connecting a fire hose to standpipe and turning on valve. Such a movements an immensely Complex involving dozens of steps. Although primarily a research platform Atlas, or robots like it, will begin aiding in search and rescue operations, opening doors and operating equipment where humans cannot survive. In a nutshell, Atlas can do almost anything a person can do and might do it better one day.

Tesla humanoid robots

Tesla bot the rise of humanoid robots seems all but invertible but whether robots come to help or rule depends upon the next few years. It’s something clearly on Elon Musk’s mind. Despite warnings of dangerous AI and Robotics for almost a decade. Musk unveiled The Tesla bought in August 2021. The species were impressive, the tesla bot could navigate the human world like no robot before it. Explicitly designed to eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.  It’s the first humanoid robot to truly capture the wonder of Science fiction. Mosque is clearly conscious of the genre. The Robot is designed with a top speed of 5 miles per hour, so you can run away from it and is weak enough that you can overpower it. Its nickname is Optimus Subprime exudes friendliness. 

As he explains Optimus is a general purpose Sort of worker droid. The initial role must be in the work that is repetitive, boring and dangerous. Basically, work that people don’t want to do. Many are skeptical of Tesla bots 2023 release timeline, with prior production delays. If it does get produced it will revolutionize manufacturing and domestic work. While its side stepped away from the automotive business as musk discussed, Optimus has the potential to be more significant than the vehicle business over time. 

Ameca humanoid robot

Where Geminoid is socially smart and Atlas agile, Ameca lies somewhere in the middle; indeed a human-like artificial intelligence needs a human-like artificial body to evolve and grow. Ameca can talk and communicate with mastery of human expressions and body language. In one video robot pushed finger away, this is even starting to freak us out posted by the engineer at the company behind the machine. Unlike other platforms Ameca is cloud based using AI and machine learning to continually advance and benefit  from Tech communities latest Insight. Indeed evolution is built Into Ameca design.

Being modular means it can be upgraded easily with the time. The result is a humanoid robot capable of engaging in conversation using 17 Motors to react with almost any facial expression you can imagine. America even gesticulates as she speaks, just like humans. Amicus stole the show at Consumer electronics show in 2022. Becoming one of the most famous humanoid robots in the world. Tesla bot creator Elon Musk responded with one word “Yikes”. It’s hard not to be astounded that while previous robots were focused on either social or physical aspects of robotics, Ameca is the first to blur the line. Currently robots can’t walk, flip and run like Atlas, but with the modular design it’s only a matter of time before you’re chatting with Ameca eye to eye.

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