THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE – On December 5, 1945, at 2:10 pm, five US Navy torpedo aircraft take off from Florida. This flight is called Flight 19, to perform a 3 hours routine training mission, it was not such a special flight, it was flying to conduct its regular training mission, and there are 14 crew members in the flight.

Who is being led by the flight leader who is a very experience pilot and also a war veteran, 5 planes fly in the east direction from Florida, everything is going normal, the weather is very good but after about 2 hours, the squadron leaders report that suddenly there is a problem with their compass, their compass stops working, and then they take out the backup compass. But the backup compass also fails, they do not know where their position is, they ask the pilot of the rest of the plane, but their instrument also malfunctions. The name of the squadron leader is Lt. Charles Taylor and after the compass is damaged, many confusing messages are heard from radio transmission, says Taylor “both may compasses are out and i am trying to find port Lauderdale, FL. I am over land but it is broken. I am sure I’m in keys but I don’t know how far down and i don’t know how to get to port Lauderdale”

The weather is slowly deteriorating now, at 4:56 p.m. Taylor realizes that his plane has actually reached over the Gulf of Mexico, so now he has to fly east to get back to Florida, so he instructs the rest of the plane to fly east, but some flights have crew who think they are already in the east. Immediately after this order, a radio transmission is heard from one of the planes. “Dammit, if we could just fly west we could get home; head west dammit”, This means that the rest of the group members suspect that they should fly west to return home, but the weather keeps getting worse, the sun goes down and it gets dark. At this time it is believed that the plane was actually 370 kilometers east of Florida. At 7:04 p.m. the last radio transmission from Taylor comes “all planes close up tight, we will have to ditch unless landfall… when first plan drop below 10 gallons, we all go down together”. After that all five planes disappear forever. To this day, we do not know about these planes, where they are, what happened to them.

After the disappearance of Flight 19, a search and rescue mariner aircraft takes off with a group of 13 people, its mission is to fly down Flight 19, it turns out to be the smoke and it also disappeared, the first 14 people of Flight 19 disappeared and 13 people of the search and rescue mariner aircraft disappeared, after which a very large air and sea search operation was called for several days. Largest search operation of that time to dust these two flights.

There is no trace, nobody is found, no human being is found, and no aircraft is found broken. The interesting thing is that the area where these two planes disappear, we know that area today as Bermuda Triangle. Triangle is said to be a very mysterious part of the sea where more than 100 planes and ships went and disappeared, this is such an area that there is no trace of it.

Map of the Bermuda triangle (How big is the Bermuda triangle)

Which becomes a one-sided triangle region in the US from Florida to Puerto Rico and the country of Bermuda. There is an area of ​​more than 500,000 square miles where the stories of the Bermuda Triangle are more than 500 years old. Huh. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus set out to explore the New World, he reported that his compass stopped working as he passed through the area. And one night when he looked at the sky outside his ship, he saw a very strange light, a strange light which looked like a ball of fire and saw the ball of fire falling down into the sea, starting from here mystery and in the centuries to come this place was given many names: Graveyard of the Atlantic, Sea of ​​Doom, Sargasso Graveyard.

Such names were used in the 18th and 19th centuries, but the name Bermuda Triangle was first used in 1964 by Vincent H. Gaddis in a magazine called ARGOSY. Vincent wrote an article in 1964 in the magazine entitled “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” and this was the first time the name Bermuda Triangle was used.

In this article, he summarized many disappearances that happened in the last several decades in this Bermuda Triangle area and tried to link them and here an attempt was made to make a mystery that there is something in the ocean area which is very It is strange that due to which so many planes and ships go and disappear. No relation was given in the article as to why this is so, but because of this the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle became the most popular mystery of that era, Many movies were written on the book, computer games were made and some songs were even written on the Bermuda Triangle. What is the reason behind the events of the Bermuda Triangle – There was a lot about it and some people blamed the aliens that the aliens came and took these planes with them, some say that it is a big monster under the sea. The place is jammed, some people say that all the planes made in this way fall inside the ship, it is very strange.


We focus on those Bermuda Triangle theories which sound a little more scientific, an explanation is given on the basis of magnetism, in fact what is actually the North Pole of the Earth and the Magnetic North Pole are different points. , when you look in the direction of north from compass, it is pointing towards magnetic north pole, but actually my north pole is a little different, it is called geographic north pole, in general people use compass which they have been doing this since time immemorial, they take this thing into account.

But there are some areas on the earth where if you use the compass, then you will get to see magnetic north and geographic North Pole at the same place. There is a place where this happens, they are called Agonic lines, although Agonic lines vary with time, but the zero degree line in the last 200-300 years has been around the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle or it is inside, this can create confusion.

The second special thing about the area is that the area inside the Bermuda Triangle is very shallow, if you see it on the satellite map then it is the Bahamas, Caribbean island, here the area around it is visible in turquoise color That is, there is a very large spread area where the water is not very deep, which is deep sea, see around it is looking in dark blue color and this area stands out separately when viewed from satellite. Because of this, it is said that in olden times, many ships used to come here, they used to get stuck because of shallow water, hidden shoals If there were some such points under the sea where the soil was emerging a little more than that They were not visible from outside, when they walked inside them, they would have been stuck there at all.

The third special thing is that the number of storms in this region is the highest in the world, if you see which country is most visible in the world, then China comes at number one but after that USA is at number two and then is Cuba. Cuba is located in this region and which state has the most hurricanes in the United States, Florida which is in this region itself, so the storms and water sprouts in this region come from high frequency.

 The fourth explanation is said of methane hydrates, some areas inside the ocean where large areas are found that methane hydrates, scientists in Australia did some laboratory experiments. He observed that when methane bubbles in water were more than one in volume, the density of the water decreased and buoyancy would occur. This has become the same logic, now salt is more inside the water, then the density of water increases, then it becomes easier for things to float.

Book – The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Journalist Larry Kusche, who wrote the book The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, also came up with a similar solution. People started making up their own stories, mystification, but some stories were complete nonsense, never happened in real life, the story of LN Austin is one such story, The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there is no evidence that ships and aircraft disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle are seen in the Bermuda Triangle in the Mysterious dispenser and occur at a higher frequency than anyone else in the Bermuda Triangle. Huh. And nothing like that compared to the ocean sphere, the same mysterious rejection seen in the rest of the ocean sphere. The United States Coast Guard states that “the Coast Guard does not recognize the existence of the so-called Bermuda Triangle as a geographic area of ​​specific danger to ships or aircraft”. The USA Coast Guard does not believe that the Bermuda Triangle is a harmful area, and said that with a lot of traffic passing through it, there is an increased likelihood of ships and airplanes, so keep in mind that this area is prone to more storms and water. It’s shallower here, so you immediately found the answer to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, despite several storms, when WWF conducted a detailed study of the world’s 10 most dangerous water transport bodies in 2013. The name of the Bermuda Triangle was not even in the top ten most dangerous.

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